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I love reading self-help books, but in many cases, I ask myself: “Is the data in this book confirmed, or is it only personal opinion by the author?” The personal insight that works for one person may not work for you. I want scientifically proven information that will make my life happier, relationships stronger, and obstacles easier to overcome.

Psychology could be an especially interesting subject for what it says about your problems and how to overcome them.

Getting more from psychology does not mean studying and practicing for several years. You do not need to become an expert and spend your life trying to understand its rapidly changing landscape.

In my books, I summarize the most influential research in the field of psychology. You will learn more without relying on controversial theories based on individual experience. You need a complete scientifically proven picture. My books are 100% based on real science results on rock-solid psychology studies.

I have fifteen years of clinical research experience working in different positions, ranging from research associate to project manager. My main passion is psychology. I reviewed hundreds of psychology studies on happiness and relationships. I have made a thorough analysis of psychology research and summarizes it in easy-to-read, clear, and practical books. 

Yours faithfully.                                                     

Pavlo Skuratovych


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