Here’s how people who are successful at online dating present themselves.

  1. Pay close attention to details

Not only that people who are successful at online dating pay close attention to detail when writing messages and emails, but they are also meticulous when analyzing the messages received from potential dating partners.

For many participants, the fact that another online dater misspells words and can’t put together a grammatically correct sentence is often a complete turn-off. Also, they value other people’s feedback and are constantly looking to improve their online dating skills by checking out the profiles of other online daters.


  1. Be honest and straightforward, but make sure to highlight your qualities

When it comes to online dating, some users value complete honesty and transparency, while others tend to misrepresent themselves in an attempt to create a more desirable profile.

Successful online daters avoid presenting themselves as someone they’re not, while also making sure their qualities and desirable attributes stand out. In other words, they maintain a balance between the need to be honest and the desire to present their ideal self.

For example, if your dream is to become a famous writer, you can put «writing» as your hobby, but don’t tell people that you’re a successful author.


  1. Establish credibility!

Considering that an online environment is a place where people can easily lie about who they are, credibility is a valuable quality for successful online daters. In fact, online daters tend to perceive credibility as a two-way street.

On the one hand, they strive to build credibility, and on the other, they seek to test the credibility of potential dating partners.

We can establish credibility by posting recent pictures of ourselves and crafting descriptions that are consistent with our real self.   

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