Here’s how we can solve the issue of uncertainty in online dating.

According to the results of the study, people manifest uncertainty in online interactions because:

  • They are concerned about their security. If you’re worried that someone you talk to might be a wrong for you person, the best thing to do is get to know that person well enough, before you decide to go out on a real date.
  • They’re concerned with the fact that a potential dating partner might be quite different from their profile. To avoid such unpleasant events, you have to once again be patient and get to know that person. Also, you can ask for recent photos or even suggest a videocall.
  • They’re worried that coworkers, friends, and family members might recognize their profile. Don’t let yourself be influenced by what other people say or think about you. There’s absolutely nothing “lame” about meeting someone online.

Despite the fact that online dating is no longer the subject of mean jokes, these results indicate theirs is still some stigma attached to this practice.

But how can we overcome the uncertainty associated with meeting someone new through an online dating platform?


Communication – the antidote for uncertainty

The answer to the question above resides in the conclusions the authors have reached after assessing participants’ dating profiles. More specifically, the study revealed that communication is the key to overcoming the uncertainty associated with meeting someone new.

By taking the time to get to know our dating partner and gradually open up to them, we can establish that much-needed trust. Furthermore, being honest about who we are is another communication trick that can deepen the relationship and clear away the mist of uncertainty.

Feeling a bit unsure (or even worried) about a potential date is absolutely normal. The secret is being open and willing to communicate until you break all barriers that stand in the way of mutual trust.

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