Here’s what you should know about online dating.

  1. Adapt your strategy

The fact that we now have a general idea about the preferences of online daters allows us to adjust our strategy and increase our chances of finding a compatible match.

Since online daters generally seem interested in age and socioeconomic status then maybe we should place more emphasis on these aspects when building up your profile.

First of all, never lie about how old you are and always focus on people that are around our age.

Second, make sure to include your education and current occupation in the description. Without these highly valuable pieces of information, chances are other users will skip over your profile.


  1. Act fast!

Another crucial aspect when using online dating platforms is availability. No one likes to interact with someone who barely answers their messages. In fact, in the online environment, being idle for a couple of days is enough to make the other person forget all about you.

As the conclusions of the study indicate, it takes online daters an average of 9 hours to reply to messages, which is a relatively short time frame. In other words, you don’t have to answer right away, but be sure not to cross the 9-hour limit.

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