Mating preferences and online dating.

One study conducted five years ago by a group of researchers from top universities in the US revealed some exciting facts about the preferences and behaviors of online daters.

The three most important findings are:

  • There is no evidence for strategic behavior. In other words, online daters don’t usually care if a person is or isn’t out of their league. Most of them are open to interacting with anyone.
  • Online daters tend to prefer partners that are similar to them in various aspects.
  • Online daters usually go for partners that are of the same race as them.

Based on these conclusions, here’s what we can do to improve our chances of finding a potential dating partner:


Look for someone with similar interests

Considering that similarity is a key aspect of online dating, the logical thing to do is search for partners with similar interests and hobbies.

Read carefully through other online daters’ descriptions and see if you can find common interests that will serve as bridges or anchors for a potential future relationship.

At the same time, make sure to include your interests and hobbies in the description, so that other users can evaluate how compatible they are with you.


Rejection is part of the game so get over it!

For many of us, the toughest part of dating (real or online) is having to deal with rejection. Based on what the study has concluded, it would appear that race and lack of similarity can sometimes determine a person to reject us.

However, keep in mind that these conclusions don’t necessarily apply to every person. You never really know for sure unless you try.

Don’t let race or lack of similarity stop you from contacting a person you really like. Who knows? Maybe the love of your life is someone with completely different hobbies, interests, preferences, and cultural background.

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