Online daters mostly lie about their physical attributes.

We’ve established that lying (just a bit) about who we are on dating sites and apps is an acceptable practice. But what do online daters lie about the most? And more importantly, where do we draw the line?   

After assessing online daters’ self-presentation strategies, the authors concluded that:

  • Women tend to lie about their weight.
  • Men tend to lie about their height.

Interestingly enough, height and weight are among the most sought-after physical attributes in a potential dating partner, which might explain why online daters choose to misrepresent them.

On the bright side, the study revealed that online daters are relatively honest when it comes to sharing recent photos of themselves and showing their relationship status.

Although most online daters tolerate a reasonable amount of discrepancy between how we present ourselves and who we are in reality, make sure you don’t exaggerate when fudging your dating profile.

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